Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Maybe you shouldn't go to Washington anymore...

Seeing as last time some missles got dumped in front of you on the highway, and this time a crazy 90-year-old gunman went ballistic in the place which was your invite-only destination?

Just a suggestion to my sole follower.


Elizabeth said...

(Pssst! Call me crazy, but I have this wild suspicion that you might have more followers if you told people about your blog!)

As for Washington, yeah, I'm ready to take a break! I have NEVER been happier to be back in boring little Pittsburgh.

L said...

Haha, yes, I suppose if it wasn't a secret then I would have more followers. And if I got around to posting more.

I think I'm gaining momentum though. (And I think I have 3 followers, but two never comment :P)

I can't believe half of the things that happened to you on this trip! When I posted I had no idea the half of it. I'm just glad you guys are back, and safe...and safe.