Monday, January 11, 2010


It is a new year--happy, happy new year, one and all. 2009 was tough for me. It was a year of perpetual transition, and at times, I felt like all I could do was hold on and go along for the ride. At the end of the countdown on New Year's Eve, I felt an unbelievable release. Not that this year will necessarily be "better," but it certainly will be different, and that's as far as my expectations go.

2010. Ok.

I'm sure as time passes, a lot of things will stay the same, but so much will change all the time. I'm excited about the possibilities the new year holds, and trying not to brace myself at all for the inevitable commotion of each major (or minor) event.

I just want to keep on doing, being, without the residue of feeling, emotion or bitterness, but rather with the slivers of integrity and privilege that can be attained with each new experience.

Again, thanks to the Roches, aren't I predictable? (Above, me in New York city as a baby, spinning...)

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Elizabeth said...

Oh look at you all tiny with your adorable little sandals! There you are at the center of it while the world spins around you. Hold on tight and try not to throw up sweetie! Sometimes that's all you can do.