Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Get away from me

I'm tired and cranky.

And not in Paris anymore. And there's two feet of snow.

I'll be back to my normal self in about fourteen hours, after a cup of coffee and perhaps a warm scone. Should I come across one. And I WON'T because nothing's open. cause of the GODDAM snow and slush in luxurious PITTSBURGH, P effing A! and I DON'T have any heavy cream even to make my OWN scones! Grrrr. Shhhh, you're just jetlagged and you've been catapulted back into your non-fantasy world, you know, the one where everyone else lives?

When I get cranky like this, it's a rapid downwards spiral into a near comedic level of me-oh-centrism and of course inevitable self-loathing. [I'm tired. And cranky. And not in Paris anymore. And there's two feet of snow. I can't sleep. I can never sleep! Why am I not in PARIS!? Well, Paris is expensive and Parisian people are snotty! Why can't I wish I were someplace inexpensive and warm! Why can't I just be someplace inexpensive and warm! Gnashing of teeth. I have to go to work tomorrow. I don't want to go to work. I want to stay home and draw. Ugh. My drawings suck. My art sucks! I'll never be a good artist! My blog drawing sucks! Nobody even reads this crappy blog! I have no decent thoughts! Nothing about me is remotely original!! Screw it! Screw you! Nobody likes me. I don't even like me. No, I don't want to talk to you, leave me alone! Get away from me! Expletive, bleepedy-bleep! Huff, huff, turn, sigh. Gnash teeth.]

Coffee, scones, fourteen hours.

It's hard sometimes to be so damned easy. It makes things so hard....

A little, hastily/crankily drawn illustration to augment.


Chris said...

I'g glad you're home safe. I hope you had an amazing time. Obviously you dont suck at anything, except maybe cocktail party etiquette. Also, I read your blog. I even enjoy it. Don't stop writing.

Pushkin said...

your drawing is angels

Elizabeth said...

Oh sweet cakes. Come to my house and we'll make scones together. We have a working furnace again. We'll be warm and giggle and make each other not cranky anymore. Seriously. Kirk's leaving town tomorrow and there's two feet of snow and it's grey and all icky and Pittsburghy everywhere and I'm not in Paris either.... (begins to sigh piteously)

I'll even drive over and pick you up, that's how much I love you.

L said...

chris: oh you're such a younger brother. i definitely suck at a lot of things, i just relish in buttressing the hefty illusion that i am more perfecter than YOU. not!

pushkin: i am angels; you smell like angels.

elizabeth: i'll call you tonight! maybe we can make it a date for either tonight or tomorrow night, I totally just want to vegg out and watch some much-missed crappy tv and totally counteract all of the enriching cultural experiences i've been experiencing enrichingly.

emily said...

I'M CRANKY TOO! let's sit around and complain for hours and hours on end. Then, we can order pizza from Domino's (they have a new recipe you know)eat pints of ice cream (or soy ice cream if you so choose) and all the cookies while we watch really trashy TV. Then we can complain about being full and lazy!