Thursday, August 6, 2009

The Moth and the Flame

I looked up my relationship with my boyfriend in a bookstore (in the great work, The Secret Language of Relationships) and the description was: "The Moth and the Flame."

If T or I had been born a week or so earlier, we might have been something like "Intellectual Rigor" or "Too wonderful"...but no.

I read on, horrified, as two paragraphs summed up the trajectory of our relationship. I am the moth. He is the flame. It was all pretty simple. It could work--but it would require a delicate dance the whole way. Potentially very harmful.

The last line of the profile when something like, "If you are a Gemini and just started this relationship and have no idea what we're talking about, just wait."

Don't get me wrong, I take this truth with a grain of salt. I mostly enjoy thinking about how I can't possibly have control over things. It's enlightening!

Hmmm...but you know what I really love about astrology? It leaves a lot up to the imagination...raawr.

Thanks to Shannon* Dorn for this delicious** (and initially censored) image, which I found at

**I'n'it great that the flame has the bigger rear?! How sinuous!

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