Monday, August 31, 2009

When it rains it pours

So this week has been pretty hard. I moved house, and the couch we got did not in any way fit through our narrow hallway, my boyfriend and I broke up after 3.5 years, I was sick to my stomach and not eating food for five days, I quit my job, started a new job the next day and worked eight straight days (going on twenty-one). And did I mention insomnia and the usual family drama?

But, I'll be ok. Going through some shit, while it's hard, really helps you realize where you are on the karma circuit. And you know what? I am so lucky.

This week:
-When I lost it at work, my friends came, picked me up, fed me lunch and dinner, and sat down and talked me through it for an hour.
-When I quit my job, the same day, I got another job offer with the first place I applied to.
-When I missed my bus going to my own art opening, a few friends pulled right up on a random back street and drove me there ontime.
-When my boyfriend and I broke up, my friends immediately picked me up off my ass, before I even realized I was down.
-When I got sick, my friends bought me soup and ice cream, my parents prescribed me some drugs and blood tests, my brother picked me up and drove me to the hospital, and my friend working at Whole Foods even got me some free pricey pro-biotic blackcurrant juice!
-When my couch didn't fit in my house, two days later my other friend bought it and offered to move it for me.
-When I found out my ex-boyfriend (rather tackily) decided to go to a fancy art dance party with another girl, less than a week after we'd called it quits, I ran into 12 of my friends at a local bar who were there to cringe and pat my back, and a couple new people who liked that I knew the play Twelfth Night so much that they bought me some drinks!
-When I came home again to an empty new apartment, there was a note from my roommate saying there were ice cream sandwiches in the freezer and home-made pasta sauce in the fridge.
-PLUS my friend from Greece said that she is planning to bring me a care package IN PERSON this fall--!
-Doule-plus we have a new roommate, an artist and 28 year old totally responsible and friendly and seemingly put-together guy.

So, wow. While I've been feeling a whole lotta bad lately, life and friends and family have helped to make it a little more bearable. For goodness sakes, organic pro-biotic juice? My heart aches (and so does my stomach), but it also swells with joy at my blessed life (and, lots of tasty food items, respectively).

Thanks guys.

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Elizabeth said...

Many more hugs, movie dates, bad TV dates, and desert fests to come. xo