Tuesday, May 18, 2010

I'm lacking regularity...feeling a little sluggish...

I wish there was Artactivia. Something kind of creamy, pretty tasty that I could eat with a spoon once or twice a day to help "move" things along, you know, make me more regular. And who could we get as the spokesperson...Suggestions?

The truth is, I need to put my head to the grindstone and WORK. Harder, more frequently, and in a more focused way on my artwork. I'm trying, lord knows, but just not hard enough...I get lazy, I want to be 23 and run around and go away, go to parties, vegg out in front of some baaad TV (all important for my development, I assure you). And then I lose what little balance I have...

I think that most of my anxiety here is related to a total impatience with myself, and I'm trying to be more permissive of what I "need" in my life...but sometimes it's hard to tell.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

People doing fun things in the world - Life Dreams Part 2

Most of this is thanks to friends, but gosh, there's just a lot of stuff that makes me go YES, THAT IS IT! here's some...


Everybody in the world should have a Hi, or go to Barcelona. The future is human(e).


I want to live in a house like this. Big windows, green, lots of sun, 100% modern, 100% windows.

more pictures

Prefab weeHouse home


Cool art, inspiring me:

Article in NY Times Science

(Or, pictures!)

Other cool organic art...



Design for the little japanese girl in my soul.

I like this one...evaporating chairs on ghost floors...

Are japanese babies just super tiny?


More to come. Lots of good ideas to inspire and drool over...